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Saturday, November 22, 2008

About Us

We thank you for wanting to know more about us.

The truth is that we suffer from extremely low self-esteem, and any interest you express in us boosts our egos a little bit and thus saving us from the pit of despair.

So once again, thank you.

We're really just a bunch of uninteresting people, banding together to post our most private thoughts on this extremely safe online getaway, the Secret Political Blog.

On a more mundane note, we are a collection of individuals who have awakened to the political realities of Singapore.

However, upon trying to tell our families and friends that we really ought to organize a protest at the Speakers Corner, they pointed their fingers at us and laughed, before banishing us to the very top of Bukit Timah Hill.

So now, from a cave in Bukit Timah Hill, armed with a laptop and an electric generator powered by burning monkey dung, we present to you:

The Secret Political Blog

and since our founding in 2008, The Secret Political Blog has won critical acclaim from the authoritarian, opps, i mean authoritative newspaper, The Straits Times, as seen below:

"The" - The Straits Times, Jan 1 2008

"Secret" - The Straits Times, November 22 2003

"Political Blog" - The Straits Times, March 6 2005

"is an excellent" - The Straits Times, July 13 1997

"Widely regarded" - The Straits Times, August 15 2006

"source of" - The Straits Times, May 1 1999

"Singaporean affairs" - The Straits Times, November 23 2008

So there you have it, solid proof that the Secret Political Blog is worth reading and we hope that you will stay with us for the months and years to come!

Also if you wish for any reason to contact us at all, whether for asking to become a fellow contributor to the blog or to send us an email about a secret medicine which can boost our sexual prowess, please send an email to secretpoliticalblog@gmail.com

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